Aside from fiction writing, Keli O’Connor is a dog mom, has a collection of scrapes and bruises that she has no idea where they came from, and loves to eat—just as long as it’s vegan, tree nut-free, and doesn’t contain berries. She attends Drexel University, where she is earning her MFA in Creative Writing, and stumbled her way into winning spots to the Come Write By Me and the Come To Your Senses Residencies. Even though she basically lives in Philadelphia for work, school, and donuts, she actually resides in Wilmington, Delaware (where the houses and taxes are cheaper) with her family and service dog, Tofu.

Keli is a professor of Composition and the author of The Optimal Tech, An Ophthalmic Tradebook. Her work has been published in The 33rd: An Anthology, Neuro Logical Literary, and Spellbinder Magazine. When she doesn’t have a migraine, she enjoys nature hikes and petting dogs. When she does have one, she enjoys wearing stretchy pants while watching House Hunters International and petting dogs.

Tofu is a writing assistant and rescue pibble-mix who just so happens to be Keli’s service dog. She has been assisting since 2021 and helps around the office primarily by begging for pets. When she is not working, she enjoys going for car rides, eating scraps of paper, and licking gobs of peanut butter off spoons.