The Optimal Tech

Now available at Nova Science Publishers

About the Book

Sure, there are textbooks for certifications out there, but if you’ve never been exposed to eyecare, reading one can leave you feeling like a kindergartener reading a calculus book.

Assisting optometrists and ophthalmologists can be challenging, especially if no one has ever taught you how to do it. Many of the skills required for ophthalmic teching are the same that optometrists perform. Diagnostic testing can be especially challenging, as the results can be botched if the person administering the test does not know what they should be looking for. The Optimal Tech provides information on the many facets of our job as eye care assistants while encouraging techs who may feel overwhelmed.

  • Every subspecialty is broken down to the anatomy of the eye it involves, ailments one would expect to encounter while working with the subspecialty, and what a typical exam looks like for these injuries and diseases.
  • The Optimal Tech touches on testing, imaging, and procedures of the eye and its many parts. Not only are technicians primed for eventually performing these tests or assisting with surgery, but they are provided an explanation of why techs and doctors order all that they do.
  • Each chapter ends with a ‘Takeaway” section to summarize and highlight key points. For visual learners, charts and diagrams throughout the text helps readers digest the information that they have read.

Technicians want to be more than just office helpers. They take pride in their work and want to grow into better assistants for their doctors. Unfortunately, there are not many learning materials geared toward this group of professionals that reads easier than a 400-level textbook. It can be difficult for many to remember the information that they have read or studied; The Optimal Tech uses humor, mnemonics, and anecdotes to help readers fully understand and retain and digest the trickier parts of eyecare.

Sassy and amusing without judgment, this book is full of important information for those beginning in the field yet relatable to any tech no matter where they stand in their careers. Unlike most guidebooks, this one is written in a personal voice, giving it a friendlier, more human tone that many readers are gravitating toward in the 21st century. Filled with illustrations and diagrams to help learners put a face to the name, The Optimal Tech is an essential book to add to every beginner technician’s study material.

“The perfect study guide for anyone looking to certify.”

Monique, COT